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Same-Sex Family Law Issues

Houston Same-Sex Family Issues Attorney

Same-sex couples often encounter family law issues throughout the duration of the relationship. From adoption to child custody to property disputes, the application of the law to same-sex couples is often complex. The attorneys at Myres & Associates, PLLC, provide legal guidance to handle same-sex family law issues for couples throughout Texas. With the recent pronouncements from the U.S. Supreme Court, Texas courts will have to address the needs of same-sex families. We are prepared to help you through that process.

Our attorneys are skilled at assisting with any family law issue facing a same-sex couple. Even though gay marriages are not legal in Texas, many couples have traveled elsewhere to be married. Other couples may have opted to forgo legal marriage but have built a life together.

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Same-Sex Adoption and Child Custody Rights

One common family issue is how to accomplish a same-sex adoption. While the addition of a child into the family is a joyous event, the process to obtain a same-sex adoption can be difficult. We help you accomplish an adoption whether you are looking to adopt your partner's biological child, a surrogate child or an adoptive child.

In any same-sex relationship, our family law attorneys highly encourage couples to create a premarital or marital agreement or non—marital agreement to solve the ambiguous legalities of a same-sex marriage. An agreement allows both partners to make clear statements about the intent of the parties, including the intent to co-parent a child. The agreement helps the court understand the nature of your relationship and any child custody or parenting agreements made before or during the relationship.

When couples decide to end their relationship, the involvement of a child complicates the break-up. We handle child custody and visitation issues and help to minimize conflict throughout the process. Texas child custody laws are often not applicable to same-sex couples so we must creatively argue on your behalf to represent your interests as well as the child's best interests.

Property Division Issues for Same-Sex Couples

If there is a legally recognizable marriage between two same-sex partners then property division is going to operate just like property division in divorce. If there is not a legally recognized marriage then the approach to divide jointly-owned property or debt must be dealt with creatively using alternate laws. As knowledgeable property valuation attorneys, we have the experience to evaluate your shared property and assist you in negotiations regarding the division of the property and assets.

Same-sex couples who are not legally married but share property and assets will be treated as co-tenants under the law. Our attorneys will use all of the necessary resources to resolve property disputes for same-sex couples. We frequently employ a team approach and rely on our attorneys who are specialized in the fields of finance and business to assist in complicated property division issues.

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