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Three questions older Texas residents considering divorce might mull over

Earlier this month, we told Houston readers about "gray divorce," a term family law professionals and sociologists use to describe an increase in the number of older people deciding to end their marriages.

It occurred to us that this post may have given you food for thought, but did not give you much structure for exactly how someone who is no longer a newlywed might assess his or her marriage. So, we thought we would give you three very broad things to think about.

First, is your marriage held together by children? Many people say they want to stay together for the sake of their kids, but one thing to consider is whether it is better for your children to have two healthy, independent parents who live apart from one another, or whether it is better to have two unhappy, married parents living in the same home.

Second, you might ask yourself whether you still enjoy the company of your spouse. There are lots of jokes about husbands and wives growing tired of each other, but if there just isn't much holding you together emotionally anymore, maybe it really would be best to go your separate ways.

Finally, are you prepared to live alone? Maybe it's been years since you had your own space. Naturally, everyone needs "alone time," but living alone is very different. It is a change you will need to prepare yourself for, both mentally and emotionally.

Now, these are just three things from a long, long list of topics to turn over in your mind when you are considering divorce. We hope that they provide at least a good start.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Are You Too Old To Get A Divorce?," May 30, 2012

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