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Divorces can be calm, polite and civil -- here's proof

There are probably some fans of the ABC series “Suburgatory” here in Houston. We mention that because it was recently learned that the star of that show, Jane Levy, has filed for divorce from her husband of seven months.

We are not interested in this story because Levy, who also starred in the recently released, successful remake of “The Evil Dead,” is famous. Rather, we are interested in it because of the way in which Levy’s divorce unfolded. We believe she can provide an example that many Houstonians may be eager to follow.

Levy wed husband Jaime Freitas, an actor who has yet to reach Levy’s career heights, in March 2011. It seems they separated in October of that year. Levy quietly filed for divorce on April 16.

Supposedly, Levy and Freitas remain on friendly terms. At least as of right now, Freitas has not asked for spousal support, and we have not heard of any property division issues arising in their separation.

We are taking note of this story because we want our readers to understand that divorce is far from always the nightmare experience you hear horror stories about. In fact, a great many divorces unfold as Levy’s is doing -- calmly, rationally and without significantly wounded feelings.

If you are thinking about divorce and want to make sure the process goes smoothly, calmly and civilly, make sure you make these desires clear to your attorney. He or she ought to respect your wishes and do what he or she can to make sure they are followed.

Source: The New York Daily News, “‘Suburgatory’ Jane Levy files for divorce after secret marriage,” Chiderah Monde,  May 5, 2013

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